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Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) is a vital catalyst for economic development throughout the southwest Indiana region, elevating regional and global business opportunities within our three state region to provide world-class connections in a world-class location. EVV is aggressively working with local government and economic development organizatsdfion to develop land and accelerate opportunities for new industry. We focus on successful, competitively priced tenant partnerships. Contact us today to continue moving your company forward.


EVV’s Air Commerce Park offers airside-access development opportunities with incredible, prime access to the airport and I-69 interstate, as well as innovative fiber infrastructure that delivers fast, high-speed internet, connecting EVV tenants and business partners to the business community, the region and the world.

Contact [email protected] for more information regarding land parcels immediately available at Air Commerce Park.

Read more about Air Commerce Park’s recent Fiber Ready infrastructure announcement. (link to media release)

Download EVV Land Use Development Zone Map (PDF 1.6MB)

Foreign Trade Zone Warehouse

  • Building 43,470 sq. ft.
  • 5 Dock High Doors
  • 5 Ground Level Doors
  • 5 Doors with levelers
  • 3.25 land acres
  • 30 ft. column spacing
  • Built in 2000
  • 10% office space
  • 37 parking spaces
  • Airport access


  • Overall facility size is 140’ X 130’ for a total of 18,200 sq. ft.
  • The area devoted to aircraft storage is 100’ X 140’
  • Ceiling height is approx. 30’
  • Attached to this area is a two-story office/passenger lounge area with facilities for routine maintenance and necessary storage for both aircraft and office supplies
  • The site has perimeter security fencing with a limited access entry gate, paved parking, exterior lighting and landscaping
  • The hangar is heated and insulated for all-weather service and noise control
  • The interior of the hangar is painted with a high-gloss white floor finish
  • The entire facility is sprinkled with a fire protection monitoring system


Contact the airport administrative offices at 812.421.4401 for more information.

Please contact [email protected] by email or by phone at 812.421.4403 for more information regarding planning and development opportunities.

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