Nominate an EVV STAR

About the EVV STAR

We take pride in our stars and our star! Each point of the EVV STAR highlights the mission, passion, and dedication of the EVV team. Learn more about the EVV STAR below.

  • Safety

    Employees who demonstrate a safer, healthier and securer way of doing things, implementing health and safety systems within each of the individuals’ organizations and the terminal as a whole. Strive to create a culture of operational excellence. Examples include: Identifying and reporting hazards and other general safety or security concerns throughout the terminal.

  • Teamwork

    Employees who create a positive work environment and genuinely embody the airport’s spirit and core values. Examples include: Setting a great example by working well with everyone; Leading the charge for good vibes within the department and airport wide; Trusting; Connecting Involving others; Bringing your best to the table and consistently going the extra mile for not just work, but also your co workers.

  • Attentive

    Employees who display a true commitment to quality that shines through everything you do. Examples include : Exceptional attention to detail, avoiding errors and inconsistencies; Efficiency; Thorough Communication; Accuracy and detail mindedness; Pride in providing a beautiful front door to the community.

  • Resourceful

    Employees who exemplify out of the box thinking, resulting in increased productivity, cost savings and innovation. Examples include: Operating in an effective manner; Encouraging a different, better way of doing something; developing a proactive creative solution to a problem or issue; identifying a cost savings measure.

  • Service

    Employees who provide an exceptional travel experience and service to our customers by demonstrating a courteous, empathetic and extra mile mentality, going above and beyond to assist coworkers and terminal guests/passengers. Examples include: Notable exchanges with customers and coworkers, setting noteworthy examples within your work areas and across the airport campus for the display of patience, grace and helpfulness.