Fly Local.
And our Region Soars.

It really works. When you FlyEVV First, it benefits the entire region.

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Improve the commercial posture of our region.

When you FlyEVV First for business travel, you encourage airlines to invest in new routes, larger aircraft with dual-class seating and more flight frequency, which better positions our region globally.

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Reduce the overall cost of business travel in and out of our region.

When you FlyEVV First, you benefit from competitive fares and overall value, eliminating productivity loss and other hidden costs associated with business travel that bypasses our own regional infrastructure. Increased airport usage spurs air service growth and lower fares.

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Yield $100 million in economic impact annually for our entire region.

This is the same impact that other similar-sized Midwestern regions have witnessed from local companies committing to exclusively support their regions’ airports.

Take action now!

Join us in moving our region and EVV Forward.

Become a Co-Captain!

This is our chance to collectively move the needle and make an impact!

As business leaders, your FlyEVV First policy commitment letters will demonstrate to airline carriers a strong regional travel market, showing them that our region is serious. We need more direct flights to more destinations, higher frequency of flights and larger aircraft. This in turn, makes doing business with our region easier, faster and overall more competitive.

Your success, and our collective success, as a region will be achieved through your willingness to join us and making a commitment to our own regional air service, which is reflected in your adoption of a Fly Local First policy that favors our region over other surrounding regions.

Our Regional Companies FlyEVV First.

Hear from our Company Captains! Click on each short video-clip to learn more about the real value their companies earn when Flying EVV First!

When more people FlyEVV First, EVV grows and the region benefits.

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Lower Airfares

Lower airfares spur more competition among the airlines, continuing to drive prices down.

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More First Class Options

Airlines offer more first class accommodations when demand increases.

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Larger Planes & More Frequency

Airlines send more planes and larger aircraft when more seats are sold.

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More Destinations

Airlines are more likely to add new destinations the better EV\/’s flights perform.

FlyEVV First is a simple approach to make everyone in our region more competitive immediately.

These Supporters FlyEVV First

There is Real Value When You FlyEVV First

EVV is the most convenient and affordable travel option. We invite you to use our Cost Calculator to determine the true cost of your air travel experience, and see for yourself, why you should always FlyEVV First.

Calculate your total flight costs

There is real value in flying your Evansville Regional Airport. EVV is the most convenient and affordable travel option. We invite you to use our Cost Calculator to determine the true cost of your air travel experience, and see for yourself, why you should always try Evansville Regional first.


Enter your airfare in the form and we’ll calculate the costs of flying from other airports as compared to flying from EVV. These are estimated numbers and may not reflect your actual costs.

How these calculations are made

Mileage cost is based on round trip miles. Mileage is based on the current IRS rate of of 57.5 cents per mile. Round trip miles are estimated as follows: Evansville 10 miles, Louisville 238 miles, Nashville 304 miles, St. Louis 344 miles, Indianapolis 364 miles.

Travel time value is based on round trip hours @ $21.425/ hour. Round trip travel times are estimated as follows: Evansville 30 mins., Louisville 3 hours 48 mins., Nashville 5 hours , St. Louis 5 hours 40 mins., Indianapolis 6 hours 28 mins.

Parking rates are based on daily average rates from each airport as of September 1, 2019. Rates may vary by lot, and number of days parked. Some airports offer weekly specials. Check with each airport for current parking rates. Parking rates are estimated as follows: Evansville $8 - $40 Maximum Weekly Rate (for 5, 6, or 7 days), Louisville $9, Nashville $10, St. Louis $12, Indianapolis $11.

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Join us in Flying EVV First.

Download the FlyEVV First policy letter template and mail or email to:
FlyEVV First, Attn: Nate Hahn, EVV Airport, 7801 Bussing Drive, Evansville, IN 47725 or [email protected]

Commit your company to FlyEVV First
FlyEVV First - Blue Badge

FlyEVV First - Blue Badge

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FlyEVV First - White Badge

Download the FlyEVV First Badge to display on your website


If you have questions regarding FlyEVV First, please contact Leslie Fella 812.421.4413 or [email protected]. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can all work together to support our region.

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