Free Rusty Pilots session offers lapsed pilots the refresher needed to fly again

March 29, 2017 05:01

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March 29, 2017

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Evansville Regional Airport and EVV Pilots Club hope to reignite local aviators’ interest in flying – and their interest in the EVV airstrip – by taking part in a national program on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at Tri-State Aero.

The Rusty Pilots program, developed by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), is geared towards general aviation pilots who have fallen out of practice and want to re-enter the industry. AOPA’s Rusty Pilots program allows lapsed pilots a way to return to flying in a matter of hours through a free session of ground school that fulfills the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) flight review requirement for ground instruction.

J.P. Engelbrecht, EVV Pilots Club President, said rusty pilots are people who have already earned a pilot’s license and for whatever the reason have not flown in a while.

“Our pilot club members understand that the realities of life may get in the way of dreams and goals, but we also know that the passion of flight is strong and unending, so, we have partnered with AOPA to help,” said Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht said after the seminar, which includes topics such as a refresher on airspace and the most pertinent regulations, pilots can work directly with a local flight school or EVV’s flying club to schedule dual flight-time in order to complete a flight review.

"The original impetus for EVV Pilots Club was to facilitate networking opportunities for people who share a passion for all things aviation and ultimately stimulate interest in flying,” said Engelbrecht. “We continue that mission through aviation enthusiast outreach activities like the Rusty Pilots Program.”

According to AOPA, their association-sponsored survey found that as many as 500,000 pilots earned a private pilot certificate but later stopped flying. The research indicated that 87 percent of those pilots “either intend to come back or might come back to flying.” The remainder said they were unable to fly due to medical reasons.

“Once a pilot, always a pilot,” said Engelbrecht. “Whether it has been three years or 30 years, this program makes it both easy and fun to get back in the left seat of the cockpit.”

The event is free for AOPA members; $69 for non-members. All pilots are welcome - WINGS credit offered to active pilots. Lunch will be provided.

Pilots can register for the event by visiting:  http://tinyurl.com/EVV-Rusty-Pilots

AOPA's Rusty Pilot Seminar at Evansville Regional Airport
Tri-State Aero, Inc.
6101 Flight Line Dr.
Evansville, IN 47725

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